Monday, April 11, 2011

Mammillaria klissingiana

I found this species growing very near the town of Guadalcazar, San Luis Potosi. Previously I had found this plant, albeit more elongated forms, near Jaumave in Tamaulipas.

This form is more round and compact resembling M. formosa in shape. M. brauniana has been referred under M. klissingiana and further study may link this species with M. formosa and even M. leucocentra which some authorities claim to be a subspecies of M. geminispina.

Whatever species it is called it is a joy to find and several hours of searching only produced a few plants mostly found near the shade of rocky outcrops or under bushes.

Other cacti found in the vicinity were Echinocereus cinerascens, and an Opuntia species.

All the M. klissingiana found had pink to reddish flowers but one species growing in the proximity of a pink flowering species had pale flowers as can be seen in these pictures.

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  1. hola bella mammillaria con tantas variedades me pierdo en saber cual es cual,
    hermosas fotografías.
    saludos Marisol.