Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Notocactus scopa

As far as I know these are all monstrose forms of Notocactus scopa. The first picture (top) is known as variety inermis and the second is a cristate form of inermis.

The one below it is a cristate form of the classical form of N. scopa and the last picture shows another variety with long spines.


  1. wow ...great Amante
    i do not have this plants ..lol
    i want many olants from you

  2. Hi Ashraf,
    I do not have duplicates for now, but next summer I will try to graft a few and we can swap a few.

  3. This is really interesting, never knew there was so much to know about cacti!

  4. Hi marie6, We even have a cactus and succulent society in Malta that meets first Sunday of every month with about a 120 members.

    You have an interesting Blog too.